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Tech ages
Updated: 10/2/2020
Tech ages
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  • Were in the stone age this time period lasted form 10,000 BC to 3,000 BC. a few significant tools in this time period include stone axes, stone plows, leather work, fishing tackle, ect... Speaking of leather work i'm making some here I can use this for making clothing so I can keep warm.
  • Were in the bronze age 3,000 BC - 700 BC as well as the Iron Age 700 BC - 450 BC. The significant artifacts in the bronze age are bronze jewelry and bronze tool and weapons. Brosne is a popular and beautiful jewelry and still is to this day. In the iron age the significant artifacts were fam tools and manuscripts. Speaking of farm tools I have a hoe in my hands I use this to take out the weeds in my fields
  • The time period were in is called the Middle Ages this lasted from 450 BC - 1,400 AD. A few significant artifacts in this time period are Improved Harness for horses, cast iron, cannons, mechanical clocks and finally compasses. Speaking of compases I have one in my hands it shows me weather i'm going North, South, East, or west. Another thing I have is a cannon you load gunpowder into it then put a ball in light the fuse and bam it fires a ball. We use these when were attacking another country or defending our own.
  • This is the renaissance time period it lasted from 1,400 AD - 1,750 AD. Two important people were born in this period Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist with his most famous work the mona lisa. The other person was Galileo who was a physicist and astronomer he was know for the improvements of the telescope and his obsro vashons using it. This is a telescope you can use this to observe stars meteors and other things.
  • This is the industrial period lasting from 1,750 AD - 1,950 AD. Some significant artifacts from this age are electricity, automobile, airplane, radio, television, rocket, and telephone. The telephone was a major change in communication people could talk to other in other cities word cloud spread around the world faster than ever. To use this you pick the number and bring it to the arrow after you put your number in you can speak to them.
  • Were finally in the Information Age starting from 1950 to present day. Significant products of this age are integrated circuit, Computer, Nuclear power, digital camera, internet, and the cell phone. The cellphone is something almost everyone uses today you can make calls, search the web, and much more its portable and light many could argue this invention changed the world.
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