The chronicles of Beowulf
Updated: 10/8/2018
The chronicles of Beowulf
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  • I, Beowulf offers protect the kingdom of the danes. I will fight the mankind enemy, Grendel, without any weapons at your command.
  • Beowulf and his man arrive to the land of the danes to offer to help king Hrothgar. Wulfgar, a danes soldiers, tells the king the geats have arrive; the seats enter, without any weapons, to talk to the king.
  • Beowulf I shall let you fight Grendel, Your father showed great respect to us, the danes. It's the least i Could do.
  • I have killed Grendel! Ripping his arms bleed him of to his death!
  • Hrothgar and his citizens leave Herot. Beowulf and his warrior remain to spend the night. Beowulf intents to fight Grendel without a sword, while sleeping Grendel appears...
  • I have killed She Wolf! She was war harder than Grendel. Thanks to this blade I am now alive. 
  • Grendel mother, she wolf, came looking for Beowulf to seek vengeance on him for killing her son, Grendel. She wolf wanted to kill Beowulf. Once they were in battle, no weapon seems to hurt She Wolf. Until Beowulf found a magical blade ( called Hrunting) that killed her. Once she died e lagoon ( were battle took place) brighten.
  • The dragon blood poisoned me! I'm Dying !!
  • 50 years later, a dragon begins to attack and burn the kindom of the geats, since a robber stole his treasure. Beowulf and 12 of him man take the challenge on fighting him. BUT...
  • Wiglaf was the only warrior that helped Beowulf kill the dragon. He and beowulf slayed the dragon, but unfortunately Beowulf is moral and dies after he gives Wiglaf a golden neckclase, tells him how he wants to be given away, and gives him his place in the thrown. Wiglaf is disappointed and furious that the geats left them alone in the battle, so he shames them.
  • Shame on al of you for running away! Beowulf gave everything for you! He chose you because he knew you were all capable of fighting this battle. Now he is dead! 
  • My time has come, you are the last  of our far-flung family.
  • In memory of Beowulf, the king of the geats, Wiglaf  fulfilled his wishes and built him the monument he asked . Then he let go of his ashes. Not only that, he returned all the necklaces and rings he gained from the treasure. And praised him for his heroic acts.
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