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  • Character and Hubris
  • We are king and queen of Laureece
  • I'm their daughter...
  • Hamartia
  • Wow, whoa, cool, awesome, great, nice, fun
  • Peripeteia
  • Genevieve is the daughter of the King Julius and Queen Emory. She is 18. The third child of the five children the king and queen had. Her role in the city of Laureece is to represent her parents well and demonstrate civil behavior. While she does like the palace, she does not feel like she fits in best there, and has always been fascinated by the knights that can fight for themselves.
  • Anagnorisis
  • Genevieve has always wanted to be a knight, and learn their skills. However, her parents forbid it. So she sneaks out in the night to watch them practice. (The tragic flaw is dishonesty/rebellion). She practices her skills privately everyday in her room. She practices at night to prevent her parents from finding out. Princess by day, knight by night.
  • Nemesis
  • Her parents catch her practicing to be knight, and then she is abandoned and thrown out of the castle. She loses her position as princess and becomes poor. She lives in poverty for years and has a son named Jonah, and teaches him the skills she learned wanting to become a knight.
  • Catharsis
  • When her son is 16, he goes into town. While he is there, he finds out that the king and queen had recently died. When he spoke to the people in the town, they told him that they're daughter (Genevieve) is still alive. Once Jonah learns the truth, he runs home to confront his mother and she tells him the truth. Genevieve realizes that she has made a grave mistake by being dishonest to her son.
  • Mom! You ruined my life! I could've grown up as a prince. I could've been royal mom! I can't believe you.
  • Jonah is devastated and wishes that he had gotten the chance to meet his grandparents and grow up without living in poverty. He starts using his knight skills to take out his anger, and practices with his knife. Then, later that night, he takes the knife and strikes his mother in the chest. This action plays out Genevieve's fate, and that her decision in defying her parents may have seemed good in the beginning but the consequences were not considered.
  • Even though Genevieve was rebellious and dishonest, she did it for a reason she thought was for the better. When she first disobeyed her parents, she was doing it to pursue her dream of becoming a knight. Also, when she lied to her son, she did it to protect him from the parents that abandoned her and left her in poverty. It can be debated whether or not she deserved death.
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