Updated: 4/16/2020

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  • Radiation can cause cells to die and cause mutations to DNA in the body. Also, serious effect can lead to long term damage to the body.
  • Radiation can cause skin burns, radiation syndrome, and can cause cancer.
  • This toxin affects the immune, endocrine, and nervous system because being directly effected by radiation has a negative impact on a human.
  • Radiation can be found everywhere because it transmits energy by using waves and people can get exposed by taking x-rays, by absorbing it through the skin, and by radioactive materials.
  • Radiation is a carcinogen which when radiation promotes carcinogenesis. Carcinogenesis is what starts cancer to form.
  • To avoid getting effected by radiation people should each rich food, drink water constantly, protect yourself fro the sun, and more. Also, overexposure to the sun should be limited.
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