Updated: 11/22/2019

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Storyboard Text

  • Hi my name is Kathy H. Ive been a carer for almost 12 years. I'm very good at helping people after their donations.
  • oh no! he is gonna get his new polo dirty
  • Ruth is rude
  • Look at this fool! throwing a fit like a child
  • ARRRRGH!! I'm an angry boy named Tommy.
  • I'm not creative enough
  • Madame is here to take away all of our creative works
  • Madame truly is afraid of us
  • Excuse me miss
  • You need to stop having dreams. You will die when you are young. You were created to donate your organs
  • We have so many dreams!
  • Be Creative!
  • So these are the cottages... Awesome!
  • Welcome to the cottages
  • Donations arent that far away..
  • I think I found someone who looks just like me