story line continued
Updated: 3/11/2020
story line continued

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  • school throughout Cai has just been boring I guess. Freshman year i played varsity soccer. Cai was dull I just went through the motions I focused on soccer all the time and little on school so my grades were bad. I needed to be thwacked on the head with some reality because in the future I would be deciding what I wanted to do with my life. even though I thought it would be in a million years.
  • Sophomore year at christian academy I played basketball. it was a lot of fun. I was able to be close to my friends. we won sectionals sophomore year and then we went to the regional championship and lost by a point which was sad. sophomore was by far one of my favorite years. I played a sport which i usually didn't and started to improve in school.
  • Junior year I was at a weird spot in life but I was doing really well in school. I was working at walmart and making money and I could drive. some kids in my youth group were acting out so i decided to leave them for a time. while I was gone i got really close to an amazing godly group of boys who are my family now.
  • It's senior year and my best bros are in different stages in life. I am still working. senior retreat kicked off the year really it was a lot of fun and I got closer to people who I was not close to before. I gotta decide what I want to do in life soon. focusing on sports and school still but i have to multitask. my classes are pretty easy and I am growing in my faith.
  • I am working at walmart still. working a lot since soccer is now over. work is all I am doing so it is hard to stay focused on school and the little free time I have on the weekends. At this point in my life I am stressed and I have not applied to a single college.
  • At this point in my life I am about to graduate. I have quit my work to play baseball, my grades are good. I am a little stressed because I am still looking for my calling and what I want to do. I think maybe the coast guard or ministry I could work in. I have applied to Freechapel college In georgia with my friend. Right now I am just riding it out of the highschool storm ready for whatever God has for me.