Updated: 10/3/2018
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  • Alyssa thinking.... "how am I suppose to know that the study of Psychology is the study of behavior and mental process 
  • all she needs to know is that the five studies of psychology are
  • 1. Wundt 2. James 3. Freud 4. Watson and 5. Skinner
  • Alyssa is so worried about her psychology test 
  • I should help
  • What about psychological construct?
  • Hey honey do you know what cognitive activities are?
  • And what about Behavior?
  • Cognitive activities are private activity that involves your brain
  • Things we know exist but we can't see,touch or measure
  • behavior is any action other people can observe or measure
  • Or that a theory is an attempt to explain something?
  • Alyssa you know that Principle is a law or a rule right?
  • And that Bias is an opinion?
  • Im sorry I just want you to pass this test
  • Yes mom and I know that the five goals of psychology are, observe, describe, Explain, Predict, and Control
  • And that Case Studies is a small group
  • and you can analyze the results and draw your conclusion
  • Honey because you need to learn how to form a research quuestion
  • that way it is easier to test your hypothesis 
  • so that you can form a hypothesis 
  • why do I need to know that the five studies of psychology are?
  • Aptitude is when you measure specific abilities 
  • And Naturalistic study is when you are in a natural habitat or field 
  • Yeah you have it 
  • Bye mom I won't forget 
  • Don't forget that target population is a group that you want to study
  • Experimental Ethics is a specific guideline that is in an APA book
  • Or cross sectional
  • I am going to Ace this test
  • Long or short term is longitudinal or.....
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