Chapter 10
Updated: 5/8/2020
Chapter 10

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  • There's a ball game today. I'm going to head out, Janie.
  • Hezekiah left early to go to a ball game. Janie decided to close the store early because the town was also assisting the game.
  • You seem like a smart girl. You'll learn to play quickly.
  • Before closing the store, a tall man from Orlando entered to buy cigarettes.
  • How you're getting home?
  • They had a small flirtatious conversation and seem to get along.
  • You can call me Tea Cake.
  • The man invited her to play checkers. Even though she doesn't know how to play, he offered her to teach her. She's thrilled and surprised because nobody has ever done that for her.
  • Janie wondered how he's getting back to Orlando. He assured her that he always finds his way to get back safely.
  • Janie learned his name, Tea Cake. Both of them stayed until night having a playful and flirtatious conversation. Finally, Tea Cake takes her home.