Chapter 9
Updated: 5/8/2020
Chapter 9

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  • I can finally be independent!
  • You deprived me of true love, Nanny!
  • Joe Stark's funeral.
  • .
  • Janie starts feel like a free woman again. She wears her hair the way she wants to. Yet, she puts on a "mask" to show the outside world some empathy for her dead husband.
  • I don't need any man to be happy!
  • Janie realizes that she doesn't love Nanny anymore. She deprived her of finding true love and wanted Janie to live in a materialistic world.
  • The new Janie attracted many men since she's a beautiful and wealthy woman.
  • Janie decides not to be attached to any man. She enjoys her freedom and her independence self.
  • Pheoby tells Janie that the town doesn't think she's genuinely sad about Joe's death. However, Janie doesn't care what the people are saying about her.