Updated: 1/24/2020
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  • father!!!!
  • "throw out all the dead!Outside, all the corpses!"
  • “My father had huddled near me, dropped in his blanket ,shoulders laden with snow.”this is an import scene because at this moment he already was thinking that his father was dead because he had called him with no response back.
  • “The train stopped in an empty field.” This is an important scene because the train had stppped on train tracks planning to throw out many people that didn’t belong on the train anymore.
  • “I woke from apathy only when two men approached my father.”This is such an important scene because he was trying to save his father from getting thrown from the trying to wake him and tried everything from slapping him to holding his hand and crying as then they told him that his father wasn’t going to wake up and they were going to have to throw him.
  • “It never stopped snowing” This is an important scene because it was called for all the people that were still on the train and they were frozen knowing that they were freezing to death and that the next stop would be to unload more dead That would be passing through Germantown.
  • “Nobody cared” This is an important scene it shows how people on the train didn’t even care about family members anymore all they wanted was to stay alive for example a man that has seen a piece of bread but collapsed on the floor and died nobody cared but his son didn’t even start emotions but search for the piece of bread and took it and devoured it But then came after him for having a piece of bread.
  • “Why Don’t they just shoot us now?”This quote shows that no one had hope no one has strain that all they thought of was that night was the end of them that somebody was just gonna die any second now and that in any moment the guards would go in and load them.
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