Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Peter and Judie find the Jumanji game and they bring it to their home to play it. Judie reads the instructions but peter thinks is annoying because he just wants to play. And now the game starts...
  • Peter throwed the dice and it was a 7. Suddenly a lion came into their room they were both cascading out of sweat. Then it was Judie's turn, it was a 8 then monkeys came out of the kitchen.
  • It was Peter's turn. Then rain started to come out of the roof. Then it was Judies turn, a mystery man came and he was sitting on the chair and was lost saying that he was lost and trying to find something.
  • While they were playing the game suddenly peter got bitten by a fly and then he fall as sleep.
  • Rhinos rushed and destroyed the library peter and Judy stood there shouting. Then they rolled the dice again and a snake appeared in the fireplace Peter and Judy were freaking out.
  • "If you throw a 12 we win the game"! peter said. Judy throwed the dice and it was a 12 and then she screamed. "Jumanji"! They went to hide it in the sand Every single thing dissapeard and their parents came with other people. They went for a walk and then they found a board game in the sand...