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storyboard science
Updated: 10/14/2020
storyboard science
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  • When they arrived at the doctor,the doctor cured him, then Rodrigo asked him if he could answer a question for a science work.
  • Secondary barrier
  • One day Rodrigo was riding his skate bord and fell.His Dad took him to the doctor
  • This kind of immunity is innate becauseit consists of barriers that prevent harmful microorganisms from entering the body.These barriers form the first line of defense in the immune response.
  • Rodrigo:Which kind of immunity it is the secondary barrier?
  • The second quesion is: Which are the characteristics of this barrier?
  • .
  • Some of its characteristics are, that is made up of some white blood cells also, platelets,and blood plasma.
  • The dad of Rodrigo took him to the doctor
  • Rodrigo,do you have any more questions?
  • Can you tell me characteristics of the secondary barrier?
  • Yes, I have
  • The doctor answered 1 question
  • Rodrigo said thanks to the doctor for helping him in his work.
  • The doctor answered 1 question
  • When rodrigo delivered the work to the teacher, she said ¨congratulations the work was very good¨
  • Your grade is a 7
  • The doctor asked Rodrigo if he had more questions
  • some of thecharacteristics are phagocytosis, phagocytes, neutrophils, macrophages,histamine and fever.
  • Rodrigo said thanks to the doctor
  • you are welcome
  • The teacher gave him a grade
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