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Into the WIld
Updated: 9/4/2020
Into the WIld
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  • This journey starts with our character, Chris Mccandles. Just like any other citizen, but with a different vision of true happiness and freedom. He had just got out of high school, but was searching for more than a settle down life and job with materialistic constructs. He wanted to go into the wild. He said he was thinking of disappearing, and so he did. Selling his home, and donating his scholarships, he hit the road not letting anyone know of his travels, with little to nothing but a mindset to seek his true self.
  • As Chris Ventures out he sets up on the Detral wash, a dangerous place because of the flash floods, he has to have enough time to tear everything down. As it describes in the text by jon Kroukauer,''6Start of paragraph 16 of 19McCandless was camped at the edge of the wash, a couple of feet higher than the main channel, so when the bore of brown water came rushing down from the high country, he had just enough time to gather his tent and belongings and save them from being swept away.'' While he does enjoy the freedom and the natural environment of this world, it comes at a cost of your own safety, and you must realize that no matter what your situation, it can both have ups and Downs.
  • While he sits and enjoys the the life he choose for himself, it hit him back with a surprise attack, leaving him without transportation. A fierce flash flood hits him out of the blue, as it states in the story by Jon Krarauer,"As it turned out, the flash flood didn’t have enough power to carry away the vehicle or even to do any lasting damage. But it did get the engine wet, so wet that when McCandless tried to start the car soon thereafter, the engine wouldn’t catch, and in his impatience he drained the battery. " As if that wasn't enough to shake his vision of the life he chose, he also doesn't have legal rights to his car, so getting if fixed is out of the question. He starts to inquire on his pat thoughts of his odessy, if he was just avoiding his own responsibility.
  • At the beginning, Chris was ready to abandon everything he has in search for his true happiness,as any non materialistic and rebellious to society type of person would think to do. Even when the world hands him money for his education, he himself believes, to not believe in titles and making a person a mold of there life, and telling them to fill that whether they like it or not.
  • When he sets out for his great odessy, he will be on the go and ready for his new life. To be seeking his happiness, he believes one must find it in them self, and not in the materialistic things that are given to ones self. In fact, he is so prepared to throw it all away and run into the sunset, he doesn't give the slightest hint of where he goes to his own family back home.
  • At the very end, the flood that hits his own car can almost represent a sense of self realization that no matter what you try to avoid in life you will still have responsibilities in life and must be cautions of the tings around you. While one can venture out, you still need to expect the ones true happiness does not need to come from materialistic things in life, or the freedom to do what you please without anyone pointing a finger. Rather than finding and excepting ones true self, and sharing that with the people around you that care for you.
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