Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • February Revolution
  • We want food!
  • we also want food!
  • End of Feb Revolution, and beginning of the Oct Revolution
  • I abdicate my throne
  • October Revolution
  • The People say, "NO",
  • Let's stay in World War 1,
  • The February Revolution was when mass protests erupted because of World War 1, Russo-Japanese War, Rasputin, inflation, the ancient feudal system. and last but not least food shortages. Even the police joined the protests as they were also starving.
  • The protests forced the Czar to abdicate his throne, leaving the Duma(Russian Parliament) in charge, which as you can guess, were not in power for very long... (as both revolutions were in the same year). During this time Lenin started to organize the Red Guard.
  • The Duma, or Provisional Government, made the critical error of deciding to stay in World War 1, which helped the communists to take over.The second revolution was significantly bloodier than the first. The Bolsheviks were in charge and Russia had a Civil War, the Reds against the Whites. Basically very violent Capture the Flag.
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