Updated: 3/19/2020

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  • zzzzzz
  • ahhhhh what happened to me im a monster
  • how did this occur! how am i supposed to leave this room looking like this
  • Gregor is asleep still not realizing his change
  • i cant let my parents see me like this theyll sttack me!
  • Gregor wakes up to see his awful change in appearance and he begins to worry
  • GREGOR get out its time for work
  • Gregor begins to question how did the change occur and how will he face anyone if theywont even try to face him
  • What happened to you?!
  • NOOOO!
  • Gregor worries how his family will react afraid of being hurt and hated but he realizes that he has to go to work as he checks the time but is afraid of his fathers reaction
  • Gregors worries grow as his father comeslooking for him to escort him to work
  • Gregor afraid to leave his home to see his fathers reaction but his reaction was as bad as he thought