Act IV Othello
Updated: 4/30/2020
Act IV Othello

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  • Oh Iago! I can't believe she's cheating on me! The handkerchief, is it all true?
  • With all due respect sir, I saw it with my eyes. It is most certainly true!
  • Here comes Cassio, you must hide! I will string him on so you can see sir!...
  • I can't believe how my most loyal friend must betray me this way! And my wife, oh what a whore she is...
  • ...And you're sure you won't marry her? I mean, she's been saying she will marry you...
  • I swear I don't love her. She's as meaningless as a drop of water in a dessert.
  • That's my handkerchief! I can't believe he has it!
  • This most certainly is something a lover would give to their loved one. I can't believe you made me copy the pattern of this!
  • Bianca, I swear this is not mine...I don't have any lover!
  • The fresh streams ran by her, and murmured her moans,Sing willow, willow, willow.Her salt tears fell from her, and softened the stones...
  • Oh how interesting! I hope Othello is paying close attention...
  • Tell me no lies Desdemona! A girl like you can be wicked, a witch if you must!
  • My love, have I done something to anger you? Please tell me because I am lost!
  • Othello,you must leave...
  • I am done with you, you witch! I won't stand to have an unfaithful liar like you as a wife!
  • What have I done to deserve this?! Come back to me my love.... this isn't you.
  • OH MY! Is this how the honest Othello acts with his wife? 
  • Miss, please don't cry. There must be an awful man behind his behavior!
  • Oh Emilia! I don't know what has entered my Othello's mind! The way he spoke to me...that...that wasn't him.
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