Science comic Strip
Updated: 2/12/2020
Science comic Strip

Storyboard Description

A young boy is trying to help his team win the playoff game for soccer. The wind is not helping in his favor at first but all of a sudden the wind direction changes and he makes the winning goal.

Storyboard Text

  • The wind is blowing more left and the goal is more right so the boy needs to make the goal to win the game
  • I´m not going to make it
  • The wind direction changed and the ball went in the goal. The ourple team won ! (the boy and the wind are the unbalanced forces)
  • That was the winning shot!
  • Yeah!!! Great job
  • The boy is explaning how the wind helped his winning shot
  • yes it was very good, im am so glad i took you to those summer camps so you know how to calculate where to shoot when there is wind.
  • so how was the game? Did i do good? Did you see my shot mom