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Updated: 9/23/2019
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  • Felipe posted himself atop a tower because he knows he cannot take on the tiger in direct combat. when the tiger came at midnight Felipe took his first attempt with an arrow bit it did nothing.
  • Felipe got the idea to use lightning to electrocute the tiger. He prayed to whatever god would listen to send a thunder storm to make his plan work.
  • The storm came the next week precisely when Felipe needed it. he quickly set up his scheme. he attached one end of a conductive wire to the top of the tower and the other end to the tip of an arrow. when the tiger appeared again he shot the arrow into its back so it would not come out.
  • Before the tiger could fully understand what was going on a flash of light lit up the sky and the tiger fell to the ground.
  • A second of absolute stillness, then the loudest thunder to ever shake the Earth. The tiger would never take another breath, as it disintegrated before Felipe’s eyes by the time the thunder ended.
  • Felipe's invention was from then on used as a deterrent from anything that may come noodle towns way and the decedents of Felipe would from then on stand post on the tower using the same bow and wire to defend the people.
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