Updated: 2/18/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Ho! Really okay don't wary I don't going to wraith.
  • Hi Lea, how are you?? Elena weighting you in the room.
  • Hi, I'm fine
  • Yes, thanks.
  • Ho yes, why not? Do you want to play also you ?
  • Fine thanks. And you?
  • Good. Hei do you want play Cluedo its a really good play.
  • Hi lea, how are you ?
  • Okay . Perfect . also if I'm allow will wind.
  • okay.
  • So this is the game, me and lea play thorougher.
  • Okay now we bring the car , ho but we have lead pipper digger
  • of cors i going to wraith
  • OPS!! what I say
  • Yes but how if I have wrait oll the cards , wait can I see for one moment yours cards gorls
  • I say that for put her in a wrong trank
  • But that are not the cards that you tell to me ooo this is not wrai
  • Ho yes, we wind