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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/28/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • She seemed  upset
  • Cesar chavez high school
  • Naomi, you want go to the movie
  • Ok...
  • My cousin is coming to my home but I hate her.
  • Rising Action
  • That bad HUH?
  • Good morning Naomi.
  • Hallo Ernesto my cousin causing trouble again at home almost had a big fight with my dad.
  • Have you found a partners for the first years outing.
  • Falling Action
  • Cesar Chavez high school
  • One missing Ernesto, Carlotta can you be a partner for the first year for a outing.
  • Sure,I be there
  • wahooooo
  • On the way to the movie,Naomi said her rowdy cousin will be staying over at her place for 1 year. Because she got expel form her for cheating on the exam also for insulting the principle when she was caught. Her parent want her to finch her high school at our school.
  • Rising Action
  • At school, Carlotta was the same as when she was at Ritzy private school. She wasn't paying attention or she was just texting in class. Carlotta, she even try to separate a guy from his girlfriend by seducing him at school because she thought he was cute.
  • Climax
  • On her way to the school the next day,she was to embarrassed of herself because of what happened last night. She want to make up with Ernesto somehow.
  • Resolution
  • Rod give your mom's phone number
  • Few days later, Naomi cousin Carlotta move into to her house but there wasn't any change with her attitude.
  • Have a good day at school dear.
  • OK mom see you later.
  • I hope she wont cause trouble at school
  • Hey are you coming 
  • On the day Naomi's family went out to celebrate Naomi's mother,Linda, birthday leaving Carlotta alone at home with Brutus,the dog, ... by the Sara this should be a romantic background.
  • Brutus was just outside i will be going now bye.
  • Wait I want to tell you i love you.
  • You trik me to coming here and you know i am going out with your cousin
  • Don't go whaaa
  • Go back to bed
  • Few days later, Carlotta been ask to go out on date with Rod to the concert. After the concert both of them went to Rod brother home to eat pizza. There were 4 guys who were very drunk including Rod's brother, after Carlotta got in to the house things start to go out of control when a guy try to rape here after that incitent she become a good girl .
  • Ernesto,please help I am at Rod brother house they want to rape me.
  • (Hold on i am coming with my dad) on the phone
  • Thank you
  • Please wait in the car carlotta.
  • Please,don't call my mom she will kill me.
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