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Unknown Story
Updated: 11/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • I am going to give fire to the poor humans.
  • Zeus was hungry and he smelt fire from the distance,he was standing on mount Olypus when he saw the fire.he went up to the humans and asked them who gave you the fire they said promethus gave it.Zeus was furious.
  • Zeus slamed the and dragged him chained him up to a mountain .Every day an eagle pecked promethus liver then it grow back every night.All promethus had to do was say SORRY.But promethus was surly not sorry.
  • wedding gift
  • The gods took pandora to epimethus house.Epimethus and pandora fel in love staright away and they got married.Epimethus saw the box and asked pandora what it was she said it was a wedding gift from the gods but she also said that they were not allowed to open it.Epimrthus said we better listen to the gods pandora put the box on the shelf and do not touch it.
  • One day epimethus left the house.Pandora put the box on her lap and stared at it for a very long time she slightly opened but the lid just compelety flyed off and what came out the box was war desise harderd malse and jelouses and the last thing was hope.
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