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World civ
Updated: 10/19/2020
World civ
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  • We can defeat you because we have a new strong army!
  • From 1642 to 1651 a group of nobles called the Cavaliers were challenged by a group of Puritans called the Roundheads to end absolutism.
  • We Cavaliers are going to win this war!
  • The war ended in 1649 when a puritan named Oliver Cromwell defeated the Cavaliers with his army.
  • Well we beat you because I chose men of skill instead of class.
  • You weren’t supposed to be able to beat us!
  • The king was put to death after his trial after the war. This was the beginning of commonwealth.
  • This is the start of Parliament! No more absolute power
  • One of the Puritans named Oliver Cromwell from the Roundheads unexpectedly beat the Cavaliers by building a strong army.
  • Any Catholic seen barren land in the west of Ireland will be out to death!
  • After the many attacks from the followers of Charles II Oliver took harsh measures agains them and Parliament made new laws that involved more freedom too.
  • In 1653 Oliver was named "Lord Protector". He became the dictator of the army.
  • You will now be know as Lord Protector.
  • Welcome back Charles!
  • The commonwealth ended 5 years later when Cromwell died. The parliament lost control and Charles II was welcomed back, monarchy had returned.
  • No more absolutism, this is the start of Parliament!
  • The king is dead, this is the end of absolutism!
  • After their victory the king was put on trial and then to death. This was the beginning of commonwealth.
  • This is the last of absolutism, the king is dead!
  • I have now named myself Lord Protector
  • In 1652 after the attacks from Ireland and Scotland Oliver took harsh measures against them.
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