Liv Garfeild
Updated: 3/11/2020
Liv Garfeild

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  • Liv Garfeild
  • Family Background
  • Education/Early Endeavours
  • Liv Garfeild is a woman who is a transformational leader. Who is the chief executive of seven trent.
  • Business/Career
  • She was born in 1975 in Harrogate, United Kingdom. Her parents were from liverpool but when they move to Harrogate they started to run a project on management and engineering.
  • Accomplishments
  • Liv attented Murray Edwards college later on she graduated ninth in her class. In 2003 she became executive at Openreach division
  • Leadership Traits
  • After she graduated she started to look for a job she found a job at the British consulate. Then she worked as an consultant at accenture. Later she was joined BT as general manager.
  • Many years later she became chief executive of severn trent water in 2014. She was named top Uk chief executive.
  • Liv is known for as being a good communicator and who is inspiring.