Game of teachers

Updated: 11/2/2020
Game of teachers

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Martha, John, Sam and Tom are going to the London Zoo with the school. There, they are learning all about animals.
  • We are at the London Zoo!
  • Yeah, there are a lot of amazing animals here!
  • That 's true!
  • They are having a walk around the zoo, when they suddenly listen to a strange noise...
  • Wow! What is that noise?
  • I don’t know. Where does it come from?
  • I see something there. Let’s go!
  • Arrrrggg
  • The three of them look energetic following the noise...
  • It’s True! What is it? Is it a tail?
  • Yes, it is! It’s a long tail!
  • Arrrrggg
  • Students continue following the noise, trying to figure out what it is.
  • Look! There’s a colorful feather there!
  • Birds have got feathers around their body. Can it be a bird?
  • I love cheetahs, they are so fast.
  • Have birds got feathers and tails?
  • Students continue looking for clues to discover the animal. While they get closer, they see something more...
  • Look! Now I see some fur! It’s tiger fur.
  • It 's true! Wait, what animal has got fur, tail and feathers?
  • I don’t know. Let 's go and catch it!
  • Students find some scales on the floor and they ask each other what it can be.
  • Look, there are some scales over here!
  • Look! There’s something there.
  • Mmm… It’s a very strange animal.
  • Arrrrggg
  • Fish have got scales! It can be a fish! Or a shark!