The maze runner
Updated: 11/4/2020
The maze runner

Storyboard Text

  • No, I cant remember anything, why cant I remember anything 2
  • Its okay that's normal. 3
  • Hey shank welcome to the maze. We have been trying to find a way out for three years. No luck. My names Alby. Do you remember anything? 1
  • Its ok I just wanna take a look. 2
  • You can look all you want but the doors are about to close then you will die because nobody has ever survived a night in there. 3
  • I'm Cuck. Hey! you better not go in there only runners 1
  • Thomas didn't listen he ran in there because someone was stuck. At that same moment the walls closed for the nigh the grievers will get them. 4
  • Thomas didnt listen he ran in there. That same moment the walls closed for the night the grievers will get them
  • The next morning... 1
  • Sorry chuck they aren't coming back there dead. 2
  • Wait what's over there. They are coming they survived!!. 3
  • He didn't just see one he killed it and we also found a way out. 2
  • You made it! did you se any grievers? 1
  • Guys all clear, this way
  • We finally found our way out we had to fight a couple grievers but we managed bye.