Englisch Aufgabe
Updated: 6/2/2020
Englisch Aufgabe

Storyboard Text

  • If you showel the snow, I´ll give you some extra money for the cinema.
  • This is what happens to fathers if they set to many conditions
  • I don´t want to showel the snow, because I´m cold.
  • That´s not fair!I´ll only clean up the basement, if I can decide which film to watch.
  • If you clean up the basement, you´ll be allowed to watch a film later with your little brother.
  • You´ll be allowed to watch TV, if you wash the dishes.
  • I have cleared the table!Can I watch TV now?
  • If you buy some DVDs for me, I´ll sweep the living room!
  • You would have some money for DVDs, if you had helped me!
  • If you help me to wash the car, I´ll buy you a 10$ playstation voucher.
  • OK guy, now you´ve really overdone it!
  • If I help you, I´ll be allowed to watch TV as long as I want tomorrow, all right?
  • OK!