English Assessment - Visual Story
Updated: 3/9/2020
English Assessment - Visual Story
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Storyboard Text

  • I am walking towards my desk to do schoolwork.
  • I'm about to do my school work but then i get disturbed.
  • Can you come help me bring in the groceries please?
  • I return from helping bring the groceries inside but then my mum walked in and asked me to do the dishes.
  • can you please help me clean the dishes?
  • 1. I am in the middle of the room so I am the first thing they see.2. I make the laptop in plain sight so it could show I was walking to it.3. I made the camera on the side so you could see the entire room.
  • after i finish the dishes my big brother came in and asked me to hold some microphones.
  • can you please hold up some microphones for me?
  • 1. My dad walks in showing that the entry/exit door is on the left.2. My arm is on the side showing that I'm a bit interested in helping.3. I make it so I'm really close to the laptop before my dad came in.
  • Then my baby brother crawled into the room so then i put him back into his cradle.
  • 1. The draws under the bed are empty so it shows I'm organised.2. I put my right arm onto my face showing that I'm not really interested but do it anyways.3. The chair is aiming towards my direction to show that before mummy came I was super close to the desk.
  • then i go to my laptop to do my schoolwork but realize it ran out of BATTERY!
  • 1. My brother is wearing a jacket because it is cold.2. I look at him with annoyance because I keep needing to help and I keep getting interrupted.3. I put both of my arms down showing that I'm not interested.
  • 1. I wave my arms around to show him that I am excited to see him.2. I make a big smile showing I am happy.3. He is wearing his dog shirt showing he loves dogs.
  • 1. I show a shocked expression on my face to show how upset I am.2. The laptop is open showing that the battery had already run out.3. I put both my hands onto my face to show how shocked I am.
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