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Road to revolution part 1
Updated: 11/14/2020
Road to revolution part 1
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  • But we need room to expand.
  • We don't want tensions with natives, leave them the west.
  • Why is this stamped if we don't get representation!
  • The British are broke and the colonies don't pay taxes!
  • The colonies still need to pay for the war.
  • I shouldn't get taxed on tea, if we don't get representation.
  • George Washington reading his Proclamation of 1763, which states that the land west of the Appalachian mountains should be left to the natives and the east to the colonies.
  • Get out of our city, lobsterbacks!
  • Stand back, or we will shoot!
  • Americans finding stamps on their paper after the stamp act, an act that required taxed stamps to be placed on every paper product, 1765.
  • They have committed a heinous crime.
  • They think they're clever taking money from us like this.
  • American women boycotting the Townshend acts, which placed taxes on many items like glass, paper, and tea, 1767.
  • Shutting down the harbor shuts down Massachusetts.
  • Britain is justly punishing them for the Boston tea party.
  • 5 Bostonians being killed in what they called the Boston Massacre, but the British claim it was in self-defense, 1770.
  • A Boston group called the sons of liberty dressed as Mohawk Indians throwing 90,000 into Boston harbor to protest the Tea act, which made the East India Tea Company have all sales of tea in the colonies, 1773.
  • The intolerable acts closing down Boston harbor, on top of lots of other harsh punishments to Massachusetts, like sending British soldiers to be tried for crimes in Britain, 1774.
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