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west side story: latin remix
Updated: 2/19/2020
west side story: latin remix
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oh my god they killed sPain!!111!!!!!!!111111!1111111!!!!!111!!111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Storyboard Text

  • Cause The creoles of Latin America regarded the Spanish crown as an oppressive figure. They opposed the Spanish system of mercantilism and also the dominance of the Spanish peninsulares in the social hierarchy.
  • But I want to be able to use my own money. Why are you demanding so much when you're so far away?
  • Give me all your money! You can't give anyone else your money either!
  • Cause Enlightenment ideals spread from Western Europe to Latin America, stressing concepts such as freedom and independence. The creoles and mestizos of Latin America were also inspired by the American and French Revolution.
  • Life! Liberty! Happiness!
  • Goal The creoles of Latin America wanted independence from Spain, more political power and wealth than the peninsulares, and free trade with countries other than Spain.
  • I don't want to be bullied by Spain anymore! I want to be free!! I want to have more power over other people too!
  • Leader Jose de San Martin was an Argentinean general and the prime leader of South Ameria's struggle for independence and cause of the success of revolutionary battles in Argentina and Peru.
  • Leader Simon Bolivar, like Jose De San Martin, was an educated creole that fought for the independence of countries in South America such as Venezuela, New Granada, and Peru.
  • Major Events Argentina declared independence in 1816, led by Jose de San Martin.Simon Bolivar led Venezuela to victory in , 1819. A constitution for Venezuela was officially created in 1821.
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