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Updated: 12/3/2019
Unknown Story

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  • OdysseyBook 1-12
  • Introducing Odysseus
  • Hi I'm Odysseus and this is my family.
  • The Cyclope
  • GET OUT OF MY CAVE!!!!!!!!!!
  • By: Kiara GarnerPer: 3rd
  • Circe
  • Odysseus has a son named Telemachus and a wife named Penelope. They were all happy until Odysseus had to leave them to fight a war.
  • Circe- continue
  • How do I break this curse and get home safe?
  • Odysseus came across an Island of Cyclopes. Odysseus and some of his men adventured to one of the cyclopes's cave. When Odysseus and his men got to the cave they went in and found some of the cyclopes's stuff.
  • Sea Monsters
  • Odysseus sent some of his men out to find food and the men came across a house. The house had a women in it and her name was Circe. Circe offered the men food so they took it and ate it. After they ate it they turned into pigs.
  • After Odysseus's men were gone for a while Odysseus went to try and find them. Odysseus came across the house and walked in it trying to find his men. Circe gave him food and her special wine but it never did anything. Odysseus had to sleep with Circe for her to tell him how to get out of the curse.
  • Odysseus's men tied Odysseus to the pole of the ship and then they sat down and put bees wave in their ears so they wont hear the sirens.