cultural business
Updated: 11/2/2020
cultural business

Storyboard Text

  • The Deal
  • we've covered everything, are the carpets going to be ready for monday?
  • Yes sounds great! I will Email you the carpet info after this.
  • The Confusion
  • Alright man take it easy then.
  • Yeah... why?
  • Hey is everything alright man?
  • Hmm this a bit strange
  • The Explanation
  • Silly me! I had no idea, in Canada people stick their thumb out for clarity or understanding something.
  • Wow it is literally the opposite meaning. I did not know that it was used for something positive else where!
  • well its just that you stuck your thumb out. In Iran thats a sign of discomfort or feeling uneasy.
  • Bob is from Canada and AG is from Iran. They have came together as they want to open up a carpet business. After they make a deal Bob winks and puts his thumb up but AG is confused. He then explains why he is confused.
  • And just like they both moved on to run their business after learning something new about each others culture