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Updated: 7/9/2021
Unknown Story

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  • 1 hour later
  • let's go out for playing
  • why there is no one playing?
  • oh now i remember, everyone is in school
  • You are picking garbage?you don't have to go to school
  • I am very poor, we can't afford going school
  • This guy is a garbage Picker
  • That guy who I met on street was not able to go to school because he was poor but my parents provide me everything and I don't care about my studies
  • I didn't completed my homework so I don't want to go to school and I lied to you 
  • Sorry mom I lied to you. I did not have any pain in the morning. 
  • why are you sad. Is the pain is still there? Did you take the medicine 
  • Then why you lied 
  • But I have realised that education is very important in life. I promise that I will not skip school again
  • I am happy that you have learned a lesson today