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Roberson Comic
Updated: 9/30/2019
Roberson Comic
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  • Balance of Trade
  • Why should we rush, we do not get any finished goods in return
  • We have to get these raw materials to England
  • Duty
  • Hey! We should put a duty on the raw materials so that we get more in return from England
  • That's actually a really good idea, lets do it
  • Triangular Trade
  • Man, you read my mind
  • We should start trading with Africa, maybe they have goods that are useful for us
  • This image shows how the imports from the colonies were more valuable to England, and what the colonies get in return are less valuable
  • Salutary Neglect
  • Hey did you hear about Great Britain's policy?
  • No, what's that
  • The travelers decide to put a duty on the raw materials that they are bringing to England so that they can have a more equal trade.
  • Middle Passage 
  • We have no say in what is happening, but we think it's wrong.
  • Do you know what is going on with the middle passage?
  • This is showing how there was a trade between the Americas,Europe, and Africa. The characters have come up with the idea of trading with Africa since they were already trading with Europe
  • Staple Crop
  • Yeah, we really need those so that would be a good idea.
  • This is showing the man explaining to the travelers that Great Britain came up with a policy that Great Britain cannot interfere with American colonies' politics and economy as long as the colonies ignore served British economic interests.
  • The policy is that Great Britain can not bother American colonies' politics.
  • Great Britain's what?
  • The man asked about the middle passage and the travelers think that people should not be forced to leave their country and be slaves in the Americas.
  • Yeah, people shouldn't be forced to leave their home and go somewhere they don't want to
  • The traveler comes up with an idea to trade other countries for staple crops since they are in high demand.
  • We should try to start trading other countries for staple crops.
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