Updated: 1/31/2020
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  • my call to action is engaging all Australians. my sub priority is mainstreaming biodiversity. my outcome is an increase in public awareness of biodiversity. my actions are expand biodiversity coverage in school curricula, develop an implement info and communication programs to raise awareness of biodiversity and its values.
  • maybe a parade to and all the news companies
  • people need to know about biodiversity maybe I should get the companies to help with that
  • knows about it
  • can your company advertise biodiversity so that everyone knows about it
  • Gavin Bullinger 1st period
  • my solution of doing a parade in an explained manner is I have a big thing like a party going through the town and I tell people about biodiversity and tell them how important it is and I will get them to recycle more
  • I will do parades and get as many companies as I can to get people to know about biodiversity I will also ask the news people to tell others about it as well
  • it maintains biodiversity becuase it tells people about it so they probably would care more so they wouldn't hurt the biodiversity as much
  • during the parade we will only have recyclable things and only have recycling bins
  • it benefits biodiversity by keeping it from being hurt by humans as much so it could thrive this is beneficial for humans because they get to have fun and they get more biodiversity so they can live and this should make them feel better about them selves
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