The Necklace storyboard
Updated: 10/8/2018
The Necklace storyboard
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  • Exposition
  • I got invitations to a fancy party!
  • Conflict
  • That was a great party!
  • Rising action
  • Yeah!
  • Set in France, 1880, Mme. Loisel is struggling with being a middle-class women. Luckily her husband gets her invitations to a rich-person party. Her life is finally turning around.
  • Climax
  • Mme. Loisel doesn't have anything to wear to party that her husband got them invitations to, but her husband gives her money that he was saving up for a hunting gun to buy a dress. Mme. Loisel also has a friend that lends her a diamond necklace.
  • Falling Action
  • Here is your necklace!
  • Mme. Loisel is the prettiest women at the party. She partied hard and had a great time. Feeling great she went home.
  • Resolution
  • Once Mme.Loisel got home from the party,she noticed that the necklace is gone.Her husband looked and looked for it,but he couldn't find. Mme.Loisel was just in shock.They had to buy another one that looked exactly like it.It was 36,000 dollars.They borrowed money to get the necklace.Some money comes from her husband's inheritance from his grandfather.
  • Finally they get enough money to buy the necklace and they give it to the owner of the original, but they had to pay off all the people that they borrowed money from. They were paying them off for ten years. Mme. Loisel dreamed on and on about where would she be if she didn't lose the necklace.
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  • One day Mme. Loisel sees Mme. Forrestier walking and she stops and tells her that she had been paying off the necklace that she borrowed for ten years. When Mme. Forrestier hears this she laughs and says that the Necklace that she borrowed was only paste and worth at most 500 francs.
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