leadership proyect
Updated: 1/28/2020
leadership proyect
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  • whiskey rebellion
  • Washington stays neutral
  • Louisiana purchase
  • George Washington showed good leadership during the whiskey rebellion because he sent a strong message to the public. "Washington sent federal troops to meet the challenge his actions sent a strong message to the public; The government would use force to maintain order". (pg.270) This explains that Washington didn't want conflict but since the taxes were affecting many farmers they had to declare rebellion.
  • war with Tripoli
  • George Washington stayed neutral with war going on in Europe which showed great leadership. "Washington sent John Jay, chief justice of the United States, to dicuss a solution with the British. The results of this negotiation was called Jays Treaty." (pg.273) This explains that Washington didn't want war so he sents Jay to negotiate with the British to stop from going to war.
  • trade restrictions
  • Thomas Jefferson showed great leadership during the Louisiana purchase because he wanted that territory to obtain power from it. "Jefferson worried that such a large purchase might not be legal". This explains that he had to do something so he allowed the purchase so the senate allowed it.
  • war of 1812
  • Thomas Jefferson showed great leadership during the war with Tripoli because he wanted to stop war. "Jefferson sent ships to blockade Tripoli so war would stop but no the people of Tripoli were angry because the us didn't want to continue paying to the piratical rulers".Although Jefferson had no money he pay the debt he payed it little by little.
  • James Madison showed great leadership during trade restrictions because he accepted the trade limits. "Although angry over French actions Madison believe Britain was bigger threat to the US. This explains Madison had leadership because he was ok with the new laws.
  • james Madison showed greatleadership during the war of 1812 because he had a strong navy. "After 2-3 years after the war the US had won 5 battles while the British won 2 but one of them was the main one but it was hard to decided who had one because it was a tied"This explains Madison had a strong/successful army.
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