Science Comic
Updated: 5/18/2020
Science Comic
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  • Yeah let's go in
  • I think the party is here
  • These lights are so cool! what do you think they are made of?
  • Let's shrink by drinking this liquid
  • I'll tell you all about it.
  • I believe it is Neon. Which is the 10th element on the periodic table.
  • The electron configuration is 2,8. it has 2 in the inner shell and 8 in the outer shell
  • There are 8 valence electrons which means it has a full outer most shell
  • Ne
  • This is the nucleus where 10 protons and 10 neutrons. This is the centre of the atom
  • The atomic number is 10 which is the same amounts of protons.
  • That's so cool!!
  • Neon has a boiling point of -246! That's so cold!
  • Neon is in the Period 2 and group 18
  • Neon is a nobel gas and it was discovered in 1898
  • The atomic weight is 20
  • What is the atomic weight?
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