Updated: 2/4/2019

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  • In G2 phase of cell division, the cell grows again. In this phase, proteins and cell parts are made. This growth in size of the cell parallels the growth spurt of the conjoined twins.
  • You girls have grown SIX inches since last year, making this your second big growth spurt!
  • Yay!
  • Before a cell splits, it duplicates its DNA( S Phase). This duplication of DNA is similar to how Gertrude and Genevieve have similar personalities. Because of this, they get along well and play together.
  • Why do you always have to take credit for what I do!? You are SO ANNOYING!
  • Oh I'M the annoying one? I have to deal with you 24/7 and I always have to be around your stupid friends. 
  • Although they had always gotten along, the twins start to fight every day.
  • Genevieve and Gertrude told their parents that they could not tolerate each other any longer and wanted to split up. Their parents were sad, but they agreed.
  • Gertrude and Genevieve, looking forward to being independent, apply to separate colleges.
  • In G2 phase, cells reorganize their contents in preparation for Mitosis. The conjoined twins start to divide their possessions between themselves to prepare for their split.