Meeting my best friend. (pt 2)
Updated: 5/26/2021
Meeting my best friend. (pt 2)

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  • Do you think if I got a cat, I could keep it here?
  • You could just move into the extra room. That way you could be with it too. 
  • Brandi was also thinking about getting a cat and she said I could move in with her and have my own cat there. Do you think I'd be able to?
  • We'll have to think about it, good thing, they're not ready for while.
  • After talking to my sister a bit more, there became an option to move in to be with my cat. I loved the idea, but now I just had to talk to my parents about it.
  • YAYYY!!!
  • After thinking, we decided that it'd be okay. Especially since it will be closer to school and you can help with your niece.
  • After discussing it with my parents they wanted time to think about it. 
  • During that time I visited the kittens all the time and paid extra attention to the ones that I wanted to be mine.
  • FInally, my parents made their decision and felt it would work out just fine. I was so happy!
  • When the kittens were ready and old enough, I went and got the one I had been wanting. I named her Willow. 
  • I now live with my sister, and Willow is 1 year and 8 months old. She is attached to my hip and loves to cuddle!