World History Final Project
Updated: 12/21/2020
World History Final Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hi I'm here today with John, and John has questions on how to challenge white supremacists views of history.
  • So what are the views white supremacists have?
  • They believe that the west is the main contributor to civilization and the only creative force that is developing the modern, global world.
  • Is this view of history correct?
  • No this view of history is not correct because it is Eurocentric, and with the knowledge of the agricultural revolution and the Old World System, it is incorrect.
  • Perspectives in History
  • As you may know Europeans came to what is now, The United States, and have been seen as "the founders of the new world". This is a single story and is Eurocentric.
  • White Supremacists believe in the dominant narrative, that the west are the main contributor to civilization.
  • The Dominant Narrative and How it is Eurocentric
  • The dominant narrative is unreliable because when Europeans came to America , they killed thousands of indigenous people, and were not the first people to arrive.
  • What is a Single Story and How is History Subjective?
  • History is subjective because of singles stories people believe about different places. Many people believe a ethnocentric view of history, and this is why it is very subjective.
  • Single story=A stereotype of something without further knowledge
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