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Updated: 3/26/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hello i'm Simon and i am a solid
  • Im Gabe and im also a solid i will take you on a learning adventure about states of matter
  • To become a solid we had to pass the freezing state where a liquid freezes to a solid we can be changed when energy or more particles is added or taken away from us
  • See here Simon, the flame added thermal energy to us which now changes us to a liquid by melting
  • Thats crazy bro, how many phase changes we got? what do those changes do to us dude?
  • There are eight phase changes (Evaporation, Condensation,Freezing,Melting, Sublimation & Deposition, ionization,deionization and yes they do affect us they change our state of matter
  • When more energy or particles is added or taken away from us what do we become next?
  • Yessir
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  • Above us are moving heat particles which can change us by evaporating us into a gas or the particles have enough energy to break away
  • Wavy! So, we were once a solid and once particles are taken away from us we became a liquid and then to a gas and plasma?
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  • This state of matter is called "Gas" the heat particles evaporated us
  • What happens when we get smaller and particles escape from us what do we become?
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  • This phase change is known as "plasma" we turn this was due to ionization which is part of the gas to plasma phase change
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  • The kinetic theory is interesting and has mainly six phase changes ut including plasma its eight
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