Updated: 10/8/2018
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  • Exposition
  • Conflict
  • rising action
  • this takes place in the 1900's in Paris, France. With a middle-class woman who wants to be rich and hates her life, because she is in the middle-class and feels like she is poor. Plus her husband is also makes middle-class money.
  • climax
  • Madame Loisel wants to be more wealthy so her husband gets her a invitation to a party in this big mansion where only the richest get to go but she doesn't have a expensive dress for this party. so Monsieur Loisel spends this money that was going to use to buy his rifle with.
  • falling action 
  • Madame Loisel doesn't have a jewelry for this party. So asked friend for a necklace and she gave her one. Finally she is ready for this party and every one was complimenting her all the men wanted to dance or walk with her, but something offal happend
  • resolution
  • by the end of the night when they got home the necklace was gone. So the first thing they did was retrace their. while Monsieur Loisel went go retrace their steps his wife sat at home whimpering about what just happend.
  • when Madame Loisel husband came back home it was already almost morning and had no luck finding it . So the wrote to her friend and told her that they broke it and where getting it fixed to buy them time to keep looking for it could never find it so they try to find one that looked like it. Found one that looked exactly like it and it was 40,000 franks so the husband used his 18,000 frank inheritance and lots of lown sharks to get that money. It took them 10 years to pay it back.
  • tell the truth because it helps more than you think. She would have never had to pay 40,000 franks they have had to have only paid 500 franks and who knows how there life would have been.
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