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  • The story starts off with a group of girls and Tituba, the salve of a paranoid demagogue, Reverend Parris. Among the girls is Reverend Pariss' niece, Abigail. While in the woods, Tituba is helping the girls cast spells and use dark magic, which at the time would be a sin and most likely end up in the person getting executed, in order to help the girls get together with the boys they liked. Parris however, ends up catching the girls.
  • After the girls get caught, Parris' daughter, Betty, falls into a strange trance, eventually it ties back to the dances and spells they recited in the forest, and Reverend Parris begins to questions the girls. With how paranoid Reverend Parris is, the town finding out about this would be very hurtful towards his career. 
  • With knowing what would happen to her, Abigail, puts all the blame on Tituba, Abigail now claims to see demons and be able to tell out the faulty people and accuses them of being at work with the devil. Eventually word breaks out and people find out about it, luckily for Parris, the town believes Abigails side of the story.
  • Things get out of hand, and now not only Abigail, but the whole group of girls claim to see the demons and the tell out the devli's workers. It goes so far that many people get wrongly accused and put on trial by the higher authority court. Many innocent people get killed and anyone who dares to speak against it, likely gets labeled as the devils worshiper too.
  • Among the people accused, is John Proctor, a farmer of the town who engaged with relations with Abigail when she was the servant at his house. Abigail still being in love with proctor says that she can get him out of this and they can live together after they escape the town. John Proctor chooses not to do so, and chooses death over being labeled a sinner.
  • Afraid for her life, Abigail runs away from Salem, Massachusetts. A couple more people get killed because of being wrongly accused. Among those being Proctors wife, Elizabeth, who dismissed Abigail from her household after finding out that John had relations with Abigail.
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