King Midas Comic
Updated: 12/19/2020
King Midas Comic

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  • After Midas threatened to talk to Silenus's master, Silenus begged for him not to nd offered to make a deal with Midas. The deal was if Midas would overlook Silenus's foolishness, he would entertain Midas with wonderful tales.
  • When the week was over, Midas sent the Satyr back to Dionysus. Dionysus was grateful for Midas's hospitality and offered the king any gift he could name.
  • King Midas thought long an hard about what wish he wanted granted. Until something came to him..
  • Midas's wish was he wanted everything he touched to turn into gold. Dionysus agreed and Midas's wish was granted.
  • At first, Midas loved having everything he touched turn into gold. But he soon learned he could not eat, drink, touch his family, or touch anything without it turning to gold. He felt s if he was going to die if he could not eat or drink. He begged Dionysus to take his power away.
  • Dionysus told Midas to go to the river and wash himself. So Midas went right in. Golden nuggets washed away in the river. Once Midas got out, he was able to hug his family again. He learned that he had everything he needed and he should not have been so greedy.
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