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Gabe- Beowulf
Updated: 9/20/2018
Gabe- Beowulf
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  • The Epic of Beowulf
  • O, the strong and terrible Grendel has appeared and is going to kill us all!
  • I must kill all Danes and they will be my supper
  • Who are you, with all your armor and weapons, coming to the Land of the Danes?
  • Oh that makes sense, go see Hrothgar in Herot
  • Boy you got a bullet for a head, and a potato for a brain. I'm Beowulf. Don't front like there is anyone else would come slay Grendel
  • Yes I am, and with my bare hands too! I am going to get so much fame from this.
  • Hello strong and mighty Beowulf, I hear you are going to slay the evil Grendel.
  • I took his arm off; Hrothgar hang this up in Herot
  • Beowulf killed Grendel, now I must kill Hrothgar's friend
  • Dang, you even uglier than Grendel! Good thing I found this magic sword, since its the only thing I could have used to kill you and cut Grendel's head off. Time to get my rewards and go back to Geatland and become king!
  • Beowulf killed the dragon that was terrorizing his kingdom, and chose me, Wiglaf, to be the next king. We will build a tower in honor of his great achievements and fame.
  • the end
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