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Earth's Layers
Updated: 9/22/2020
Earth's Layers
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  • We have been studying Earth's Layers in Mrs. Bamsey's class and I want to share what I have learned.
  • Hey! Graham Edmond here! I really enjoy the outdoors. But have you ever wondered what the Earth below looked like?
  • I am standing on the Earth's crust. It is the outermost layer. The crust is made mostly of rocks, dirt, water and plants. It is the thinnest layer and the least dense layer. We live on he Earth's crust.
  • The mantle has both solid and liquid properties. It is the thickest layer and it makes up almost all of Earth's mass. Who knew??
  • If we could dig a hole to get there, the next layer we would get to would be the second layer.The mantle.
  • It's getting pretty hot in here. This is Earth's third layer. The outer core.It is the only totally liquid layer.
  • This is the fourth layer. It is the hottest layer. It is the inner core and the temperature here is more than 5000 degrees Celcius.
  • Did I say it was HOT????
  • I hope you have enjoyed the journey. I am about to take a jump into this pool because it was HOT down there.
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