Founder Effect- Genesis Ibarra
Updated: 2/13/2020
Founder Effect- Genesis Ibarra

Storyboard Text

  • I really don't like turtles, especially the red ones.
  • Let's send them away!
  • where am I?...
  • Yes, it sounds like the founder effect.
  • As of the beginning of 2020, the mayor of small town declared that there was too many red and green turtles in the town and they must go somewhere else.
  • If more red turtles were sent to the island, we can expect to see a lot less green turtles now.
  • So then they decided to send all turtles overseas to their own private island.
  • I looks like there is less genetic variation in this island now with more red turtles
  • welcome to our humble abode
  • It looks like our hypothesis was correct, there is almost no green turtles.
  • As expected, when all the turtles arrived there was many more red turtles than green ones.
  • Soon enough, the red turtles will create their own colony with less genetic variation and a different allele frequency
  • there has been a genetic drift shown by the large amount of red turtles.
  • A few years later, a biomedical science class investigated on the mayor's action and considered the genetic effects it can have on the species of turtles.
  • The BMED class took a trip to the island and found only red turtles.
  • They spoke to the mayor and he agreed to stop sending turtles to their own private island to conserve green turtles.
  • Wow, I do not want to lose the green turtles.
  • Genesis Ibarra