All about tornadoes
Updated: 2/21/2021
All about tornadoes

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  • Did you hear about the tornado last night?
  • Yes it is crazy! I think tornadoes are super cool!
  • Really?
  • They form when warm air and cold air collide in a storm! How cool is that?
  • Pretty amazing! Where do they occur?
  • They have been seen everywhere except Antarctica!
  • The United States has about 1,200 each year!
  • They mainly occur in a area called 'tornado alley'
  • Could this keep me safe in a tornado?
  • But using things to protect yourself like a table or mattress is helpful!
  • No, you need to be in a sturdy room without windows! like a basement
  • Im glad I could educate you on this amazing weather wonder!
  • They sound so interesting!