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the start
Updated: 9/13/2018
the start
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Storyboard Description

this is about how most girls bully three of the bully's are talking about her be hide her back and the other one is thinking to herself and is the bystander. and the girl with brown hair is the victim.

Storyboard Text

  • Now girls come to me after school and we will talk this out
  • no
  • ok girls have we got everyone
  • the bystander
  • the bully
  • the victim
  • ok girls for the victim I know it is never nice to be bullied for the bullys what was running through your head when you said those things and for the bystander why didn't you come talk to me
  • the bully
  • what part do you think you played in this
  • the school saw there was a problem and now they trying to fix it
  • why do they hate me so much I bet no one will notice if die
  • you will see here that the teachers don't know that someone was watching the bullys torment the victim
  • maybe I should say something but then I won't have any friends because they will hate
  • here the teacher is trying to solve the problem
  • I feel like I have so much power
  • she doesn't have the guts to fight back
  • if I was in her shoes I would be terrified so I do it to other people instead
  • in this one you will see her sleeping and thinking about what has happened to her
  • in this one the bystander is sleeping as well but thinking about what she should do
  • in this one you have the bully's two of them are saying how much fun and how much power they have over her and the other one is thinking about if she was in the victims shoes 
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