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Updated: 12/6/2018
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  • 1800's Ireland
  • 3."We need to head to America, and fast!"
  • 2."It's Blight, we have to leave!"
  • 1."Sir, I do believe there is something wrong with ye potatoes."
  • 3."I feel sick. Someone help!"
  • 2."I have to pee! I need privacy!"
  • Americans hated the newcomers, so to stop them they wouldn't let them get jobs.Or even walk out in public.
  • Unsanitary living conditions and sickness went around on the ship.
  • 1."I'm sick of all the biscuts and cheese! I'm starving!"
  • 1. ¨We made it to Ellis Island! Wait, now what?¨
  • Once the immigrants got to Ellis Island they had to go through the struggle of being processed.If they were unhealthy they got sent back to Ireland.
  • 3."I've never been so happy to see ye ground"
  • 2."Now I think we begin the long process of becoming a citizen!"
  • 1."Hey look I've heard of the Hull House before. It's made by Jane Adams!"
  • 3."I heard it provides us immigrants with a proper place to stay. It also gives us educational, social, and artistic programs to do while there.
  • Hull House
  • 2." What does the Hull House provide?"
  • 4."Why can't we go with the rest of the Irish and live in ghettos? Ah! What about tenements?!" 
  • 1."I don't think people want us here."
  • 2."If we can't get jobs, how will we live?"
  • No jobs for Irish!
  • Infected!
  • In the end, cities were overcrowded, and full of hapharzard sicknesses from all over. I guess it wasn't a good deal after all.
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